Military PCB

Industries - Defense / Military

Our printed circuit board manufacturing capability is specifically targeted for the development of high-mix boards in low-to-medium volumes for the defense and aerospace industries. Operator training and certification, equipment selection, and process development are targeted to achieve the versatility necessary to produce experimental prototypes, pre-production orders and full production. We offer a comprehensive array of services for defense and military PCB assembly, including:

Defense PCB Design
  • IPC 610 Class 3 circuit card assembly
  • Design, test and assembly
  • Circuit board schematic and layout design
  • Component selection
  • Combination surface mount (SMT) and chip-on-board (COB)
  • On-shore development
  • Turn-key product assembly

We are skilled at high-end fine pitch SMT assembly and inspection, as well as assembly technology of COB, CSP and BGA. We can also perform rework, if necessary. Our experienced in-house design and manufacturing engineering team can support build-to-print or design-to-specification projects through the use of well-defined and documented processes which alleviate production concerns and enhance reliability.

Our extensive knowledge of circuit board miniaturization allows us to design and construct with proven reliability and manufacturability by extending the capabilities of traditional manufacturing equipment to higher tolerance levels. meets your specific requirements for low-to-high volume military circuit card assembly in our ISO 9001:2001 registered manufacturing facility.