Medical PCB

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We have decades of experience in manufacturing of printed circuit board assemblies, custom electrical cable and wire harness manufacturing and complete electro-mechanical product and sub-assembly builds for our medical device partners. Whether it is flex circuitry for a medical infusion pump or cable and printed circuit board assemblies for ophthalmology diagnostic devices, will deliver Responsive - Reliable - Results. partners with a variety of medical device and diagnostic testing equipment manufacturers, providing integrated services and solutions that support the entire lifecycle with superior design integrity and product reliability, coupled with technological excellence, just in time delivery and outstanding cost effectiveness. Our experience in dealing with rapid technical changes in the medical market has enabled us to consistently meet and exceed the expectations of our customers for Medical device PCB requirements. It is this ability that has allowed to keep customers coming back again and again.

Engineering Capability

Our engineering team has significant experience in contract manufacturing for the medical device and diagnostic industry, as well as decades worth of experience in Class II and Class III production support. Our engineering team provides our customers with superior prototyping, design, and engineering services to manufacture tailor-made PCB for Medical device and deliver customized services such as, but not limited to, computer aided engineering (CAE) and manufacturing (CAM), design for manufacturability (DFM) and design for procurement (DFP).

Quality delivery of product is the number one objective at Therefore, our Test Engineering Group does product testing throughout the manufacturing process. We insure that all our products, whether printed circuit boards, custom cable and wire harnesses, or complete box/sub-assembly builds, are put through a broad range of stringent engineering analysis, such as measurement and failure, fatigue and stress testing. Test engineering services provided:

  • Test planning and development
  • Product specific functional testing
  • Test fixture development and build
  • Flying Probe capability
  • Cable & Harness testing for shorts/opens
  • Manufacturing Defects Analyzer testing
  • IC programming
  • On board programming
  • Automated Optical Inspection
  • X-Ray Inspection