Capabilities - PCB Design Rules : Flex & Rigid Flex

Our PCB capabilities have a fine blend of Flex PCB Manufacturer and high-tech machinery for Flex PCB Assembly. We derive proven PCB Design according to the predetermined standards as under:

Capabilities By Market:
1. High Reliability Boards
-Up to 2000 Thermal cycles
-For Boards that must not fail
2. Burn-in Boards
-14 Layers - .062" thick
-.5 mm pitch
-Step-down connectors
-Special materials
-Large sizes up to 24" x 28"
-High Reliability
3. High Technology Boards
-Differential Impedance
-Up to 30 Layers
-Lead Free process
-Special materials
-Sequential lamination
-Blind and buried vias
-Laser Drill
-Filled vias
-Via in pads
-Metal core
-Carbon paste
-Plated edges
-Plated edge holes
-Heavy Copper
-Selective Finishes
4. Standard Technology Boards
-1 to 10 Layers
-Trace/Space 5/5
-Same day for 2 Layer PCBs
-24 hours to 10 Days for multilayer
-Lead Free process
-All standard materials
Capabilities By Process:
Front-end CAM
-Fully automated Tooling System
Imaging-Laser Direct Imaging
-Trace/Space 2/2
Multilayer Lamination
-Up to 30 Layers
-Sequential lamination
-Automated registration
-.006" Mechanical Drill
-Laser Drill down to 2 mils (.002")
-Trace/Space 2/2 mils
-Aspect ratio 10+
-LPI, Dry Film
-5 mil lines
-Route and retain
Electrical Test
-.5mm pitch, Flying probe and High Density grid
Quality and Production Control Information System
-Lead Free FR-4
-Rogers 4003 & 4350
-Most other materials