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4pcbassembly.com didn’t invent the Printed Circuit Board, but we have been highly committed to the manufacture of this product for over four decades! Over this time period, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and technical expertise that is unparalleled by our competition, that are detailed in PCB Assembly News shown above. Our improvements to the manufacturing process have increased the ability of our customers to grow and develop more advanced products, without the high price.

In the dynamic industry of electronics, both established as well as emerging companies are faced with a vast array of challenges in design, finance, marketing and manufacturing. The allocation of capital and management of resources is critical to meeting these challenges. 4pcbassembly.com has a state of the art facility that enables our clients to successfully overcome these challenges and produce the innovative, cutting-edge products which are so highly demanded in today's marketplace.

At 4pcbassembly.com, we take pride in providing an unmatched standard of service, quality, value, and on-time delivery to our customers. Our product turnaround can be expedited to 24 hours for prototypes and 3 weeks for small to medium quantity production runs.

When it comes to developing a complete product, 4pcbassembly.com offers a fully integrated array of services which include design, manufacture, assembly and functional testing to ensure the highest level of quality control. As a result, 4pcbassembly.com has the ability to provide you with exactly the services you require at the best price, along with peace of mind which comes from knowing the people manufacturing your product are qualified!

You can count on our unyielding commitment to provide superior quality products and services, while continually striving to exceed your expectations into the future!

“Bernanke Declares Global Economy Beginning To Emerge From Worst Crisis In Generations”


The summer is drawing to a close and the kids are back at school; the weather is cooling off and finally, the economy is stabilizing. In other words, now is a perfect time for us to get back to work and take account of our circuit board inventory. Also, wouldn’t now be an excellent time to focus in on finding that ideal source for all your electronic supply needs (especially PCB and assembly)?

While the temperature outside might be on its way down, at 4pcbassembly.com we are gearing up for a substantial increase in production over the next quarter! We have reduced the pricing to help our customers recover from the hardest-hitting recession since The Great Depression. Our philosophy has always been based on the perspective that we are all in this together and will get through it if we work to help each other.

We have equipment and resources to manufacture today’s high-tech boards from material such as FR-4, BT, FR-5, CEM-1 and Poliymide. We manufacture single and double side, BGA, SMT and multilayer board using the latest technologies. We can supply all gold body and selective gold-plated boards.

Our Engineering/Planning personnel thoroughly review all your artwork, design, schematics and specifications. All questions are discussed and resolved with you before starting production, to ensure the product will ultimately meet your exacting standards.

At 4pcbassembly.com, we have continually emerged through every economic downturn in the past half-century due to our commitment to our customers and excellence in the industry. We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join us in an effort to grow and thrive as the clouds are beginning to clear from the horizon!

4pcbassembly.com specialize in PCB Manufacturing, PCB Assembly and Printed Circuit Board Design located in Santa Ana, California

4pcbassembly.com, USA is an electronic PCB Assembly service provider located in Santa Ana, California. PCB Assembly is a leading USA Contract Manufacturing provider specializing in Printed Circuit Board Assembly. PCB Assembly has been providing Circuit Board Assembly services globally for over four decades and continues to expand its operations. Currently the manufacturing facility is grown. It is well-equipped with facilities such as SMD mounting and reflow, plastic injection molding, bonding, wave soldering, AI, MI and assembly lines. The SMT line is equipped with a JUKI KE-2060M which enables the placing for ICs, BGAs, odd-shaped & chip components etc., and a computerized lead-free reflow machine with seven zones. There is also a computerized lead-free double Wavecrest in MI production line and all assembly lines are anti-static equipped with environmental protection design. For more information visit http://www.4pcbassembly.com.

Opt for a world-class Printed Circuit Board Assembly at 4pcbassembly.com

4pcbassembly.com offers PCB assembly (Printed Circuit Board assembly) prototype pcb assembly with types of assembly like through-hole assembly as well as Surface Mount assembly.

We fabricate PCB assembly, Printed Circuit Board assembly, and SMT assembly equipment.

We have meticulous expertise with Printed Circuit Board assembly for high-end computing, communications and other advanced technology products. These Printed Circuit Boards are highly complex with many fine-pitch devices and package types, IC’s on top and bottom, etc. and therefore are difficult to manufacturer with consistently high first-pass assembly yields.

We tender an extensive range of SMT assembly equipment that focuses on rapid turnaround prototyping in the lab. This SMT assembly equipment is manufactured to meet our high quality standards, and provide the exactitude needed in through hole assembly with surface-mount assembly in the lab.

PCB Assembly pooled proficiency in Electronic Contract Manufacturing, world-class SMT assembly, through hole assembly equipment, engineering, and consultancy solutions force productivity without adversary.

For more information on Printed Circuit Board assembly, PCB Manufacturing, PCB assembly, SMT assembly equipment, through hole assembly.

country’s leading advance Printed Circuit Board manufacturer

For the last four decades, 4pcbassembly.com has been the country’s leading advance Printed Circuit Board manufacturer specializing in Quick turn Printed Circuit Boards with the industry’s best on-time or early shipping record. Unlike other Printed Circuit Board companies, 4pcbassembly.com combines real-time online service with personalized customer care. Customers can talk to a "live" representative, or go online to get quotes, place orders and check order status by email 24 hours a day. 4pcbassembly.com is a leader in providing innovative services and offers FREE PCB design Software link for manufacture ability checks on Gerber files within minutes, at http://www.4pcbassembly.com.

About 4pcbassembly.com

4pcbassembly.com covers a full spectrum of assembly services from electronic assembly of Printed Circuit Boards to the manufacturing a complete product, ready to ship to your customer. For the last four decades, 4pcbassembly.com has been supporting your industry with state of the art soldering equipment, a well equipped facility and the practical knowledge to help you put it all together. Unlike other quick-turn Printed Circuit Board companies, 4pcbassembly.com combines real-time online service with personalized customer care. Call us (714) 560-0771 Email Sales@4pcbassembly.com

Flex and Rigid-Flex PCBs are essentially hybrids of ordinary PCBs

We have a supplier that is very skilled at this type of product, says President and CEO of 4pcbassembly.com, but their main highlight is their USA representative who can help with design, pricing and manufacturing. They have great support and their materials are less expensive.

Flex and Rigid-Flex PCBs are essentially hybrids of ordinary PCBs and round wires, exhibiting benefits of each type. Flex circuit boards give you freedom of packaging geometry while retaining the precision density and repeatability of Printed Circuit Boards.

Types of Flex Circuit Boards include: Single-Layer, where one conductive layer is either bonded between two insulation layers or uncovered on one side; Double-Sided, where there are two conductive layers with an insulation layer between them, while the outer layers may have covers or exposed pads; and Multi-Layer, where there are three or more conductive layers with flexible insulating layers in between each one, while the outer layers may have covers or exposed pads.

Rigid-Flex is a specialized type of Flex Circuit Board, where two or more conductive layers with either flexible or rigid insulation materials serve as insulators between each one. The outer layers may have covers or exposed pads. Rigid-Flex has conductors on the rigid layers, which sets it apart from multi-layer circuits with stiffeners. Plated through-holes extend through both rigid and flexible layers.

Rigid-Flex normally costs more than a standard circuit with stiffeners. However, with PCB Assembly new supplier, that is no longer the standard. PCB Assembly supplier of Flex Circuit Boards uses specially designed Chinese-based material called Taliflex, which is much less expensive than the traditional Polyimide materials, but is equivalent in capability and durability. This new supplier's skill level for building complicated products is also superior where many companies can only build 4-6 layer Flex boards, while this company can build up to 12 layers.

4pcbassembly.com has become one of the leading distributors of Printed Circuit Boards. With this new technology, PCB Solutions hopes to create an entire supply chain that can service their customers from design to delivery.