RoHS Compliance

PCB Capabilities

PCB Layout - Computer Aided Design

You supply the schematics and our in-house Design Engineers will complete the Printed Circuit Board layout. With over 2 decades of experience in printed circuit board manufacturing we can resolve problems before the design is complete. Our designs and PCB Capabilities comply fully with our manufacturing requirements. Our engineers can also conduct thorough reviews of your existing design and often recommend cost-saving suggestions, based on proto-type or full run requirements.

PCB Services


  • Double-sided and Multi-layer Printed Circuit Boards
  • Proto-type, Pre-production and Medium to High Volume Production
  • 24 Hour Rush Delivery
  • Blanket Orders and Split Deliveries
  • Electrical Testing

Surface Mount Assembly offers surface mount technology (SMT) assembly services from proto-type through medium and high volume production, including fine pitch component. Surface mount capabilities include:

  • Semiautomatic Screen Printing
  • Place Component up to 19 mil Pitch or Lower
  • Low to High Volume Production Assembly
  • Glass Epoxy Boards
  • Ceramic Boards
  • Single and Double Sided Assembly
  • Mixed Technology (Through Hole & SMT)
  • ESD Controlled Area

Through Hole Assembly provides through hole or mixed technology assembly solutions. Wave soldering is accomplished with the latest sophisticated equipment. Our Through hole assembly capabilities include:

Through Hole Assembly
  • Full Through-hole Assembly Line
  • Low to High Volume Production Assembly
  • ESD Controlled Area

Electronic Cable Assembly

Our Cable Assembly capabilities include:

  • Ribbon, Power, Network and Harness Cables
  • Fast Low to High Volume Production
  • Inventory Control and Secure Storage Area

Electronic Component Forming

Our unique SMT Former and Trimmer 5000 C-Series (air pressured), is capable of handling a vast variety of SMT components. Its automatic height control unit has a standard tolerance of +/- 0.001", Toe to Toe tolerance of +/- 0.0005".

Electronic Box Assembly

Our Box Assembly consists of Chassis assembly and system integration with high and low volume production.

Reverse Engineering of Electronic Products has developed unique capabilities of generating the necessary manufacturing documentation from finished products. Services include:

  • Artwork and PCB Scanning
  • Schematics and Gerber File Generation
  • Bill of Material and Parts List Generation